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If you'd like to send us some congratulations on the site, ask a question, or just generally tell us how awesome we are, here are the Four Founders' usernames. Attach them to @waste-of-time-and-money.com and you're good to go. Remember that all users can be emailed in this way.

Robin: robin

Connor: connor

Kody: kody

Patrick: captainmcdonald

If you spam us, you will be blocked. If you complain to one of these addresses, you will be blocked. If you send us a picture of yourself, it's a grey area. Trust us. Sending mail like this to us is about as useful as telling a bloodthirsty panda that it's being stupid.

Also, here are some other emails that you might find useful:

For deleting a user account: usercontrol (put 'account deletion' somewhere in the subject for best results)

For submitting ideas for surveys manually: encuesta