Arm-Breaking FAQ

So, on Monday the 20th, I came to school with my left arm in a sling. When people asked me how it happened, I gave them answers like "You'll find out..." or "You tell me" and handed them Survey 10. I spent the entire day doing this, and logged the results as usual on the site.

On Tuesday the 21st, I came to school with my right arm in a sling. When people asked me again how it happened (I hadn't given them a straight answer yet), I gave them answers like "Don't you know?" or "You should be able to figure it out now".

On to the FAQ:

Q: So, what happened?

A: You're an idiot. Read the intro again.

Q: How many people noticed?

A: Four classes out of six noticed almost immediately.

Q: Which people didn't notice?

A: AP Calculus and the Attendance Office ladies (I have TA there).

Q: How long did this go on?

A: For one week, with me switching between arms every day. On Friday, I switched once during Calc and three times during TA.

Q: What did they say after you took it off?

A: The Attendance Office ladies noticed about 3/4 of the way through the period and called me such names as "faker". Calc never said anything.

Q: Why?

A: Do I need to have a reason for EVERYTHING?!?

But remember, I've still never said if I actually broke my arm. I think this photo and movie should convince the nonbelievers: and remember, I can edit the hell out of pictures, but can't change anything with movies.

Proof of borken arm - picture

Proof of broken arm - movie