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Something that may have happened to you is that you have a file that's too big for a site like Megaupload or Rapidshare, and you want to split it into smaller pieces so you can upload it. Something less likely to have happened is that you were sitting at your computer and wishing you could turn your favorite song into an image, just because you could. Well, thanks to me, you can! The programs below are all written in Java, but not entirely useless. They require Java 5 or above, and are protected by the GPL. Source code is available inside all the jar files. Have fun!

Downloader The downloader is pretty simple; you just put the address of something you want to download in and hit the button, and it saves it for you. How do you get that address? That's up to you.

FSplit FSplit takes a file and splits it into pieces that are each the same size, except for the last one. It's actually useful if there's a filesize limit on something and you have to upload multiple small files instead of one large one.

PNG Funnel This program takes any file on your computer and converts it into a PNG image. Well, the files under 900 MB, at least. You can also create keys to encrypt your files into pictures and send private messages to your friends. It's a seriously cool toy, if only for a couple minutes.

RSA134 is a simple cryptography program that I wrote for a class. It has a relatively small alphabet (lowercase letters and , . ? and space), but with a little tinkering, it could actually be useful for encryption, as it supports arbitrarily large keys.