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This proves that here, finally, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that WoTaM is an extremely famous and influential site on the Internet. What could possibly do that, you ask? The answer...

WoTaM is part of Metroid.

Yeah, right, you say. How could this site be in a game that was made before the Internet was widely available? Here's the answer. In 2002, when Retro Studios created the wonderful Metroid Prime, they included a bonus feature that could be accessed with the use of a link cable and a copy of Metroid Fusion for the GBA. This feature allowed you to play a port of the original NES Metroid on the GameCube. They changed nothing, save one thing: since WoTaM was one of their favorite sites, they added a special password that would allow you to completely skip most of the game, and named it after us.

This password is --THE- WOTAM- PASSWO RD--MP (In case your browser fuses the dashes, there are 2 before THE, 1 betweed WOTAM and PASSWORD, and 2 between PASSWORD and MP)

The MP is for Metroid Prime, of course.

Now, as for what this code does, it starts you in Ridley's lair as if you had just defeated Ridley. This means that Kraid is already dead, and you have all the items up until then. You also begin with 236/240 missiles, and 7 energy tanks (but since this is a continue password, you'll still have 30 energy). So, how is this code different, then? It does 2 extra things: The first is possible in the normal game, and it is the removal of Samus's suit during gameplay, just like the JUSTIN BAILEY code. The second, however, is never possible, and it is the removal of Mother Brain and the escape sequence. Once you get to Tourian, you can just walk on through the level, and take as long as you want escaping.

The password has been integrated into Metroid Zero Mission on GBA as well, and I am guessing that it will remain in the games until the world ends.