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For those of you who don't know, I (Robin) use these programs so I don't have do do work in class. They go into my TI and they solve formulas for me. If you want to use them, you can download them here. To load them onto your calculator, you need either a TI 83 or 84, a computer/calculator cable, and TI Connect as a program on your computer. Download the link, then use the Add command in TI Connect to add it to your calculator. To use the programs, unarchive them with the UnArchive command in the MEM menu, then press PRGM, select a program from the menu, and press ENTER.

NOTE: These will only work with TI 83's and TI 84's. If you have an 82, you can't use TI Connect. If you have an 89, I hardly know how to use your calculator, let alone program it.

ANOTHER NOTE: If your computer renames these with a ".txt" extension, change it to ".8xp" or ".TIProgram". *Cough,* stupid windows, *cough.*

THE HELP PROGRAM - This is a manual written primarily for Calculus students that explains how to use a lot of these programs. You have to view it under the EDIT menu. For those who don't have calculator cables, you can get the text version here.

Math Programs

APPROX - Linear approximation. "Root" is the root of x (like 4th root), "number" is the number to approximate, and "guess" is a number close to the original that will work.

AREACURV - Finds the Area under a curve from x1 to x2. Different from fnInt( in that it does the rectangle and trapezoidal methods. Even graphs them!

BAKES (Quadratic formula) Credit goes to Mr. Baker for this.

BETWCURV - Finds the area between two curves (or a curve and an axis), then rotates it around whatever line you want.

BIBLE - A Calculator version of the Calculus Bible. Has derivatives, integrals, and more all listed.

CONVERT - Convert rectangular to polar and vice versa.

COSINES - The law of cosines.

DERCHECK - Check your answers for derivatives. Only works if you have Symbolic.

FACTORS - Gives you all the factors of a number. I can't think of a use for this right now.

GEOMETRY - Quite a few formulas for figures in geometry. Very useful.

INTEREST - Calculates interest, compunded continually or a specified number of times per year.

ITERATIO - Gives you iterations of a function.

LINE - Does distance and slope formulas, and graphs lines in 2 extra forms. The graphing parts are Patrick McDonald's.

LIMIT - Finds the limit of an expression. Whoever gave this to me, thank you.

LOGZ - Will do logs with bases other than 10. Not that useful, I know, so it will solve for things too.

PASCALRO - Pascal's Triangle. I don't remember who I got this from, if you want credit, email me.

PYTHAG - Pythageorean Theorem

RADIAN - Degree/Radian conversion with the pi left in when converting to radians.

SERIES - All the series formulas from Algebra 2 and above. Created through the combined effort of Patrick McDonald and myself, with him doing most of the programming and me doing the research.

SQRTFRAC - Kinda useless; gives you more and more accurate approximations of a square root in fractional form.

TRIANGLE - Solves a triangle completely given a combination of sides or angles.

XYZSOLVE - Solves a system of 3 equations.

Physics Programs

APHYSICS - The menu for the other programs.

ACC - Acceleration

CHA - Charge

CMFRM - A list of the first 5 most used motion formulas.

CUR - Current

ENE - Energy

FOR - Force

LIS - An undated form of CMFRM with most of the complicated fromulas.

MAS - Mass

POS - Position

POW - Power

RES - Electrical resistance

TIM - Time

VEL - Velocity

VOL - Voltage

WOR - Work

Random Programs

COSTANAL - For economics. Does a huge cost analysis chart for you. In the second input, put the stuff in like this {number,number,number}.

CTOSS - Flips a virtual coin. Yay.

GPA - Calculates your GPA, and judges you based on it.

GUESSES - Calculates the probability of your getting a certian grade on a multiplle choice test if you guess on every question.

INSULT - The original insult program; gives you 1 of 10 insults when you press ENTER.

NAMEGAME - A short little game I designed that gets old pretty quick. It gives you the numerical value of your name (all caps, no spaces) and lets you battle it against friends.

PHIL - My favorite. Freezes the calculator and insults you when you press a button. This version may be incomplete; I'll try to fix it ASAP.

QUIZ - Very funny quiz with 73 questions. Lifted from Earthworm Jim 2.

SUICIDE - Does the guessing for you on a test. Built for the AP test, so there's a gap in there.


I didn't write these, but I was mad when my old calculator didn't come with them and other kids' did. So, you can get them here.

Conics - Graphs the different conics and gives you info about them.

Inequalz - Lets you graph inequalities.

Periodic - The periodic table, with info on each element.

This page is a great source for programs and apps. I recommend Symbolic and Krolypto, but I haven't tried them all...