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Have you ever wanted to travel through time? Here's your chance. I know how to travel forwards one day through time, and waste an entire day's worth of time in only a few seconds. The only problem is, you can't do it more than once.

Here's the story: First, assuming you live in the US, you buy a plane ticket to Australia (that's the waste of money). Your departure time should be as close as possible to 4:00 PM. Now take the flight.

If your plane flies at the right speed, you will arrive in Austrailia two days after you started, thus skipping one day entirely! This is because you hit the International Dateline just as midnight approached, and the combination of the two advanced you two days instead of one. So, if you leave on June 5, you'll get there on June 7 after only 14 hours of flying!

But you do get part of that day back. On the return trip, if you take the same route you did before (and don't go all the way around the world) you will arrive around 4 hours before you left. Neat, huh?